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The website solution for your business is here

This website was created using the SOHO Webmaker (click the first image on the right) the as an illustration of what can be achieved using the system. You can try anything you see on this website for your own website design. Click on the other images on the right for more examples of websites created with the SOHO Webmaker.


Everything you need in a website and more - a simple but powerful and creative solution for small businesses to build and manage their own website. Small Office? - actually you can have as many web pages as you require - there is no limit other than the practical and sensible limit for your business. You can register for a FREE TRIAL on the SOHO Webmaker website (no credit card required).



The SOHO Webmaker system is easy to use, so you can get up and running very quickly and experiment with the different layouts and color settings. A selection of color options for your website is generated by a unique auto-color-swatch system. The websites are very easy to update using a simple Content Management System (CMS).

There are a range of plug-ins that simplify specific functions such as a catalog / shopping cart, a restaurant menu, a map with directions, a contact form, a calendar and other options. Please read the Features section on this website for a detailed list of the functions that are available with the SOHO Website Maker.

The system is suitable for creating websites for most types of businesses as well as clubs and personal websites. The SOHO Webmaker system operates entirely on the internet and there is no requirement to download software to your own computer - so you can update your websites through any suitable internet connection.


Tutorials + Help

This SOHO Cafe website demonstrates WHAT you can do with SOHO Website Maker, and the associated tutorials (plus the built-in HELP system) show you HOW to do it. Most of the pages on this website have links to tutorials that explain how to apply/use the various functions in the SOHO Webmaker system. Once you have set up an account then there are additional context based HELP functions available for all aspects of the system. 


Website Design Layouts

Use your own photos or select from the thousands of free and low cost images on the internet for your website header. See the  Design section on this website for adding your own image and setting up your website. This website uses the design layout #M7. Please view the video for examples of some of the website design layouts available on the SOHO Webmaker system.