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Other Types of Widgets

There are other widget types:

  • Multiple Links
  • Twitter Feed Button
  • Custom Buttons
  • Premade Buttons
  • Third Party Code Buttons


Multiple Links Widgets

These widgets enable a list of links for quick reference to the reader. Links can be either internal (your own website pages) or external (other websites). You can combine both internal and external links in a single list.

The Navigation Widget shown here on the right is a multiple-links widget. In this case it provides quick navigation which can be useful when you have a horizontal menu bar as in this website - since you do not need to keep going back to the menu drop-down list in order to navigate. It is also useful for navigating around a large website where you can quickly link to relevant subjects from any given page on your website.


Internal Links:

The internal links will operate as per your menu/navigation bar and the linked page will replace your current page. This can be useful for a secondary menu where there a lot of sub-pages in a particular section, or where there is a related topic in another part of your website that is in a different section.


External Links:

By default, external links will open in a different tab or window and will not overwrite your current web page. If you wish for the link to overwrite your current web page for any reason then you can change the default setting.


Twitter feed Button

The Twitter Button displays a list of feeds from any Twitter account. You can have as many of these feeds on your website as you require.


Custom Buttons

Custom Buttons are provided by the user. They are simply images that can be given a link to an internal or external web page (website) such as the link button to the SOHO Webmaker website above the Twitter Feed widget.


Premade Buttons

Premade Buttons are buttons that are provided with the system for links to social media websites such as for Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. If used, then each of these buttons are pre-set tp appear at the base of all pages on the website. Note. There is no example of a premade button on this website.


Third Party Code Buttons

These buttons are for code that is supplied with third party widgets and video such as Youtube as per the Darth Vader video shown here.