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Using Images in the SOHO Webmaker

All images used in your website web pages are first loaded in to your Image Gallery, where they can then be used as many times as required in your web pages. The standard text heading above has been replaced by an image for this illustration. Note. Your main website header image and any website background images are separate and do not need to be in your Image Gallery.


An image can be placed at any position on a web page using the Web Page Editor and you have complete control over the size of the image. You have a number of simple preset sizes from which to select, and an extra 'maximum size' selection that will default to either the maximum possible size that can be displayed in the website - or the actual size of the image if it is smaller than the maximum possible size.


You can use your images in:

  • A slideshow (see example below)
  • A mini-slideshow embedded in your front page header image (see Dot's Diner Website )
  • A widget where you can also add formatted text and a header to the image (see the Widgets Section for examples)
  • Directly into a web page where you can control the position and size of the image (as shown above in place of the text heading)

You can either use your own images or select an image from one of the many resources on the internet - we have listed some of the resources on our main SOHO Webmaker website.



There are many free resources on the internet along with high quality and low-cost stock images. there is a list of some of these resources at the bottom of the page on this link:

If you do not already have digital imaging software and would like to enhance an image with effects and text etc. (like the header for this website) then check out Pixlr here:


Image Tutorials



The slideshow below includes captions that can be added in your Image Gallery. Note These captions only appear on the slideshows. If you need captions and other information with the images then this can be achieved in a number of ways including creating a widget or placing the image in a column in the text editor. The sample images are a random selection to demonstrate the impact of high-quality images.


Use the Play/Pause Slideshow toggle command or select on a thumbnail for manual control.