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Managing &  Editing Web Pages

The SOHO Webmaker Content Management System (CMS) provides a range of text editing options much like a word processor. It also includes an additional set of options for adding images, videos and links into your web pages.


Managing Your Web Pages

All of your web pages are presented in a simple list. You can add as many pages as you require and easily change the page sequence which determines the order that the pages appear in your website menu/navigation bar. You can add 'sub-pages' for each primary page and these sub-pages will be listed as sub-menus on your website (see the Widgets Page and the sub-menu pages on this website for an example).


Special/Reserved Web Pages

There are a number of optional pages that have been formatted and configured for specific purposes and there is a simple setup procedure for each of these pages.

Integrated Plug-Ins:

  • A Contact Form with a security 'captcha' option - the form also has an automated email receipt for the sender
  • A Map + Directions page that shows your location and provides a list of driving directions
  • A page that displays your Google Calendar (schedule) within your website
  • A Store page with a categorized shopping cart and payment provider
  • A Catalog page which is like the Store page without the cart and payment options
  • A Menu page for restaurants which can also be used for other listings instead

Editing Your Web Pages

The website editor has a host of standard features that are supplemented by easy-use options.

Extended Options:

  • Setting up a link to an external website or internal web page
  • Setting up an Email link
  • Adding a Paypal button
  • Adding a Youtube video
  • Inserting an image
  • Auto copy of an entire web page
  • Adding content in columns

Standard Options:

  • Undo button to reverse out changes
  • Eraser tool to remove all formatting (useful when the formatting gets out of hand!)
  • Text format options such as bold, italic, underline and any combination
  • Several font styles, colors and background colors
  • Special characters such as trade marks and copyright symbols
  • Standard and numbered bullet points
  • Block text indent control
  • Text alignment as left/right/center/block

The tutorial for the web page editor is located here: Web Page Editor Tutorial


Note. Widgets are added to a web page outside of the main editor as they are automatically positioned left (vertical), right (vertical) or below the main text (horizontal) - or any combination of the three.