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Key Features

The SOHO Webmaker system provides all the functionality that a small business might require. All this functionality is supported by some fundamental key features of the system that enhance the usability and experience for yourself and the viewers of your website. Some of these key features set the SOHO Webmaker apart from the competition and make the system capable of supporting both the beginner as well as the professional web designer.


Mobile Phone Version - Device Independent

You can increase the exposure of your website with a separate mobile version that is compatible with hand-held devices. You can also create your own separate settings for the search engines. The design of the mobile website is configured to automatically adjust to fit the variety of sizes used by hand-held devices. You can also publish updates to your mobile site independently of your main website.

You will see a tab for your mobile option on the Home page of your website. This is optional and can be turned off if not required. The Mobile tab 'sticks' to the left hand side of the viewable page area so it is always available even when you resize the window. You can easily switch between your mobile site and your main site using a hand-held device.


Search Engine Settings - Ultimate Page Level Control

The system incorporates a set of built-in functions and advice for creating a website that is search engine friendly by enabling you to create global settings for the entire website as well as individual settings for each page on your website. This page level control also enables the user to define the file name (which appears in the URL) for each web page.

Search engine Site Maps are generated and published infependently to the main search engines. This includes a standard Robots.txt file as well as an XML site map. A separate site map is produced for the mobile site.

We have provided a separate tutorial to explain how to set up your website for the search engines and achieve a high search engine ranking for your website: Search Engine Settings.


Browser Friendly - Compatibility by Design

Through careful design and the use of 'style sheets' your website will look very similar using any of the major web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Apple Safari. Even many custom website designs are flawed in their presentation of the websites in different web browsers.

It should be noted that the presentation of any standard website will still be subject to the screen resolution, the fonts available to the client operating system, any user defined browser settings and the quality of the display unit.


Integrated Functions - Plug-in Compatibility

There are a number of specially designed plug-ins that are automatically configured for the design of your website including a shopping cart, catalog and restaurant menu.

There are also third-party application such as Google Maps (with generated directions) and Google Calendars that are automatically colored and configured to be an integral part of your website. We are continually developing integrated plug-ins for popular applications and RSS feeds.


Under the Hood - Tuned for Speed

The SOHO websites are very fast due to the high level of optimization applied to the published websites. The optimization includes minimizing the amount of 'calls' that the browser makes to the web server and control over how images are applied in the websites.

The SOHO system has its own dedicated computer server that is managed by a highly reputable ISP. Our system is not shared with other systems, unlike many smaller website hosting companies.


Keeping it Simple - 'Websites for Dummies'

The SOHO Webmaker system has been designed for ease of use from the ground-up. We recognize that building a website is not a task that most small businesses do on a regular basis and so the interface for developing your website has been made as simple and as intuitive as possible.

This approach is also applied to our plug-in designs where the viewers of your website will benefit from a simple and clear interface - see the shopping cart example for ease of use and clarity from the user's perspective.


Test Environment - Quality Control

Your published website is independent of your development environment. Your published website is optimized and compiled separately in order to make it as fast as possible without compromising quality. You can make changes and test within your development environment and then publish the changes when you are ready.


Instant Secure Updates - No Software to Download

The entire SOHO Webmaker system is operated through your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.) so there is no need to download software to your own computer, making any system updates immediately available and the ability to update your website via any computer with a suitable internet connection (at your local cafe?).


Customer Support - Real People

You can actually speak to somebody! Not only that, but we take care of all the irritating and time consuming tasks to do with domain name registration and SSL certificates etc. if you do not wish to do this yourself. Please ask for our independent and unbiased advice before commiting yourself to purchasing products that you may not require.


Tutorials - Extensive Help System

In order to minimize the number of expletives, broken coffee cups and unecessary calls to Customer Service :-) we have implemented an extensive Help system. Each aspect of your website design is supported by a specific context-based set of instructions plus links to any relevant tutorials.